The Banditrons are the elusive, difficult to recognize and egocentric aliens. They like cotton candy, because its flavor is sweet for them and it has high invaluable commodity for them. Their weakness is the red crystals located on their arms. When they are shot they immediately shrink.


For the first and only time in Episode 22 where they land in the amusement park to steal the cotton candy and take it to their planet. Fred and Sir Percival climb to their ship thinking it was a game (ride) and brought them to another planet. Later, Fred realizes it was real and panics after Sir Percival captured. Finally Braianna got them out of the planet.


  • They thought that Fred was a "Level 37 Space Fighter," because he knew their weaknesses.
  • For Banditrons, cotton candy is highly valued like gold.
  • So far they are the only aliens who got defeated by Fred alone, without help from Friday.
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