• RoseStar25

    Creepy conspiracies

    August 10, 2019 by RoseStar25

    In the show, Lucky Fred, there were 2 very creepy/scary theories about the show ( and a strange glitch) that made me see it in a whole new way.

    Number two: It seems that brains is trying to protect the world from alien terrorism??

    Number one: It seems in the episode "you've got a fe-mail" , Fred is portrayed as a creepy stalker who knows everything about his victim, Nora. Sir Percival notices this, but doesn't do anything.

    The glitch: I don't know if you guys noticed this but in the episode, " you've got a fe-mail " when Fred and Sir Percival were playing broomball, Sir Percival 's legs were completely separate from his body.ūüė•

    But I still like the show! Can't wait for season two!

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  • N0727

    Interesting news about imira

    August 19, 2015 by N0727

    Hello?, Hi everyone or just the 2 active persons for now (i hope) i found a news about the serie future.

    Oh right before see the important thing, i guess i have to explain a lot because if i am not bad you both are not spanish talkers.


    Imira was sold to Toonz Animation a indian animation studio. Why?, because Imira didnt got the enough capital the last year (2014) so they couldnt pay the inversion of that year.

    That could sound like the end of imira and by extension our beloved cartoon. Not exactly.

    That deal means tha Imira will work in a standalone way like productor and distributor with they own manager and bussiness structure but with the little change that both Imira and Toonz will help each other.

    And Imira got / will get investment …

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  • N0727

    Hello World!

    July 23, 2015 by N0727

    Gooooood evening, everybody!, This is the new N0727, So this is my first account so by extension is the first wikia where i am.

    My goal is to enter in the top places of the leaderboard of the wikia, You know editing, creating, uploading.

    I live in south america so i can bring some information if i get some of course anyway i am downloading the episodes from a only spain page with a proxy so i can improve a bit the wiki and create transcript.

    I like a lot more the english dub that the spanish both the spain one and the south america but the south american dub is not bad at all.

    My only problem with the english dub is the british accent of brainna but with some luck i will get used to.

    So that was my first blog guess is right, And forgive any gra…

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  • Tiredorangejuice

    so I was thinking, what do you wait for season 2 to show or reveal? come on! It'll be fun!

    I've got some ideas!

    • a whole flashback episode about the first day the trio met (it'll be interesting to see how did Braianna rolled with it)
    • an episode revealing about Brains's other family members. (like, does she have a mother or not?)
    • Friday been possesed with a computer virus that egghead placed in it. (ok, this is more of a normal episode idea for this cartoon)

    any ideas?

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  • EC-707

    Romeo Romero Fan Art

    June 28, 2015 by EC-707

    First fanart non-sexy of Romeo Romero. What do you think?

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  • EC-707

    Happy New Year 2015

    January 1, 2015 by EC-707

    31122014.1 (Agent Brains Fred)

    Happy New Year, RGL Victor the Great.

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  • Tiredorangejuice

    best LF moments

    November 26, 2014 by Tiredorangejuice

    I`m pretty sure almost no one`s here on this wiki but still

    this is my count down for the best moments on Lucky Fred episodes!

    #1:tie between "Fred and Friday tried everything to make her stay" and "Brains realized that she wants to stay with her freinds"(The Great Conspiracy)

    I love love love LOVE that episode and it's one of my all time favorite cartoon episodes! especially these momets!they both were so heartwarming and meaningful for this show and it was really sweet how Brains attemped to save Fred when she got that he tried to save her life (even if it was a total accident that Fred got trapped by egghead!lol!)

    #2: Fred and Brains attemped to save friday and get him back (Friday Gets Recalled)

    one of the best momets in this cartoon. showi…

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  • EC-707

    Happy Halloween 2014

    October 31, 2014 by EC-707

    28102014.2 (Agent Brains)

    Agent Brains as Ada Wong

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  • EC-707


    October 30, 2014 by EC-707

    I'm unware you "rule" after posted the first my fan arts. Also, i'm found the all eps in Catalan and English on TV3 site:

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  • RGL Victor The Great

    Most of the wiki designed infrastructure has been restored to good old days temporarily until the end of September (excluding templates).

    • Admin (Special Agent Superior)
    • Patroller
    • Chat Mod (Agent)

    Reason: In preparation for Lucky Fred II.

    The local Wiki Administration requests a Chat with es.Lucky Fred Wiki's Administration for talks especially for the upcoming second season and many more.

    Lucky Fred Wikians‚ėÜ


    • You must be a fan or a contributor to a Lucky Fred Wiki of any language.

    Everyone is invited to join and only need an approval from a member to be a member.

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  • EC-707
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  • EC-707

    Nick channel in Brazil

    June 15, 2014 by EC-707

    I'm criticized the Brazilian version of Nick for lack of an European and Canadian animated shows (and ever animes) besides Lucky Fred, WInx Club and Rockey Monkeys and lack of information of release of HD version which its schedule is different compared of original version.

    We can not do anything to solve it? Latin America, a continent of worthless teens and repetive American cartoons.

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  • EC-707

    I'm worry that Lucky Fred was only aired SD rather HD in Nick channel. I want the true HD version of Disney Channel thay may air this year or next year.

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  • EC-707

    11 May 2014

    May 11, 2014 by EC-707
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