This sub-page is a transcript of Boredom Blues from season 1 of Lucky Fred.

Agent Brains/Braianna
Super Commander
Sir Percival
Robert Robeaux
Roberta Robeaux
Miniature warbots
Robeaux residence
Protectors' Headquarters
Luckpuig residence


[The episode begins at Agent Brains' lab where Agent Brains reporting to the Super Commander.]

Agent Brains: Super Commander, there had been no serious threats to the Planet Earth in more than two weeks and if I may be quite honest, I'm getting kinda bored.
Super Commander: It appears your success in fending of all foes has made them weary of another attack, we commend your efforts Agent Brains.
Agent Brains: So, what do I do now?
Super Commander: I would suggest you simply enjoy your time off.
Agent Brains: But dad, what about the space flu?
Super Commander: Brains.
Agent Brains: or a Zombie Apocalypse?
Super Commander: Brains.
Agent Brains: What about that-that weird thing that came from the sea and cramped up the beach to try and get us?
Super Commander: Yes Brains it was awful but just relax, relax. Alright?
Agent Brains: Yes sir.

[Scene cuts to Fred's house]

Friday: Give up Fred, you're never gonna catch me!
Fred: Wanna bet?
Friday: Yahoo! Victory is mine! [laughs] As usual. [Fred's RC car bumps onto Brains]
Fred: [Friday spins] Oh Brains! You said you'd keep your feet up. I almost had Friday beat.
Braianna: [sighs] Sorry.
Fred: Okay, I know I don't always get girl's stuff but you've been lying there for like 2 hours. Something wrong?
Braianna: No, nothing's wrong.
Fred: Okay then, hey rematch Friday.
Braianna: It's just the work has been so boring lately.
Fred: [lack of understanding] See? She said there's nothing wrong but really there is. That's why I don't get girl's stuff.
Friday: Hmmm... It's all human stuff to me.
Fred: Alright Brains, if you're bored with work. Why don't you find something else to do?
Braianna: Well, I already wrote the first draft of my memoir [unveils her memoir], [replica contrasting with the original out the window] built a replica La Sacrada de Familia out of toothpicks and baked a [unveils muffins] 150 blueberry muffins for the School Fundraiser.
Fred: Oh, muffins. [Braianna slaps Fred's hand]
Braianna: Sorry those are for the fundraiser.
Friday: Maybe you should try a hobby like 3D full contact chess.
Braianna: I was named the Intergalactic champion in Bray.
Fred: Eh... What about Hover Golf?
Braianna: Yeah, I hit 18 holes in one of my second round.
Friday: Space Rodeo! Yeehaa!
Braianna: Beat the previous record by 37 hours.
Fred: What about tennis?
Braianna: [unfamiliar] Tennis? Tennis?! I never tried tennis before.
Fred: Perfect! Friday and I will help you learn so you could join the tennis team.
Braianna: [excitement]
Fred: Then maybe we can have some private card time.
Friday: New balls please.

[Scene cuts to school's tennis court.]

Fred: Alright Friday, let's give her a couple easy ones.
Braianna: [in difficulty of playing]
Bird 2: [picks up the ball] Oi oi!
Braianna: Oops hehe... That's strange. I usually pick these things up right away.
Corky: Hey Brain the pain. I didn't know you were playing in this court. I assume the balls were coming from out-of-control ceiling fan or a lawn mower or something [strikes a ball, laughs and the ball hits Braianna].
Fred: For your information Corky, Braianna isn't that good.
Braianna: [exclaims] But I will be soon!
Fred: [surprised by her determination]
Corky: Well, I hope you weren't thinking about entering the club tournament this weekend. It's a tennis tournament, not a comedy show [laughs]
Braianna: [annoyed] I am going to enter that tournament and I'm gonna win! Give me another one!
Friday: [shoots a ball]
Braianna: [misses] OH! What is going on? This racket must be defective.
Fred: Brains, [admitting] I hate to say this but maybe tennis is the one thing you're just not good at.
Agent Brains: [angrily embarrassed]
Friday: Uh Fred, incoming [the two steps aside].
Braianna: [still angrily embarrassed] Not-good-at?! NOT-GOOD-AT?! IMPOSSIBLE! I AM GOOD AT EVERYTHING! [breaks racket]
Fred: [stands out of cover] Uh, so do you have any idea how you're gonna beat Corky in the tournament?
Braianna: [still angry but calms down immediately] Yes. You will turn Friday into a racket for me.
Fred: Hohoohoho, I don't know.
Braianna: I'll give you the muffins I baked for the school.
Fred: For real? [gives a quick handshake] Deal! No take backs! [quickly runs off to Friday] Friday, I command you to become a tennis racket!
Friday: [transforms into a racket] Woopah! Pay atters guys does my head look fat?
Braianna: You look fine, now let's try you out! [picks up Friday and swings]

[Scene cuts to practicing with Fred]

Fred: [hitting the balls as hard as he can]
Friday: Wow-wiw-ho-ho-ho-ho
Fred: [hitting the balls harder] [fast ball passes] Woah! [more fast balls] Okay! Okay! I th-I think you got it!
Braianna: [ambitious] I'm coming for you Corky! [smiles with determination]

[Scene cuts to Luckpuig living room.]

Fred: [calling and eating muffins]
Sir Percival: Hey here!
Fred: Hey Sir Percival, what up? I have a pair of RC cars and 3 months supply of blueberry muffins, you want in?
Sir Percival: I would brocep, but you know I've got tap class today. [impresses a girl]
unnamed girl: [laughs of admiration]
Fred: [downed and calls another]
Edd ie: Peace and Love, this is Eddie. [thumbs up]
Fred: Hey Eddie, it's Fred, you up for hanging out today?
Edd ie: Sorry Fred, but I'm volunteering down for the school fundraiser today, speaking of which, Braianna said she was gonna bring over some muffins.
Fred: [shocked and hangs up]
Edd ie: Hello? Hello?
Fred: [sighs] Well I never come to say this but... [calls]
Mort: [phone ringing] Morton Dotswaddle speaking? [picks ear and smells pinky]
Fred: [regret, facepalm and sighs]

[Scene cuts back to school's tennis court.]

Braianna: Ready to destroy the competition Friday?
Friday: [unveils laser gun] I thought you'd never ask!
Braianna: Woe, woe! Woe. I meant playing tennis.
Friday: [hides laser gun] You're no fun.
Corky: Hey Braianna, good luck. If you try real hard and your opponent trips or something, you might actually win a point. [laughs]
Braianna: [strikes]
Corky: Beginner's luck!
Braianna: [strikes again] Lucky me!

[Scene cuts back to Luckpuig living room.]

Mort: This is so much fun! We should hang out everyday!
Fred: [regrets] No... [picks and eats a muffin] [his RC car dies] [sighs and shocked]
Mort: [spins battery and sock] Looks like the batteries are dead. We could talk if you prefer.
Fred: [picks up phone and calls] Hey Brains, the muffins are gone, I'm stuck hanging with Mort and the batteries in my RC car are dead. [pleads] Can I have Friday back?
Braianna: [busy playing] Kind of busy right now!
Spectators: [claps]
Braianna: Is that all you've got?! That shot was awesome!
Spectators: [cheers]
Braianna: [smiles and replies to Fred] Fred I need to go, but you can grab some batteries from my lab, if you need them just ignore my fake parents if you go over there, I'm still working out their bugs.
Fred: [sighs] Alright thanks for the- [shocked]
Braianna: Hold don't lie! [hangs up]
Mort: [having fun]
Fred: [facepalm]

[Scene skips back to school's tennis court.]

Friday: Ready!? You ready!? Come on, let's ace! Go on, ace, ace, ace-

[Scene skips to Robeaux front door.]

Fred: [rings the doorbell]
Roberta Robeaux: [opens door] Hello guest, may we offer you a sandwich or fruit punch?
Fred: Well, I just ate 50 muffins, but I suppose I could go for a glass of fruit punch- Eww, than you. Ah... On second thought, I'm not that thirsty.

[Scene skips to Brains's lab.]

Fred: [picks a pack of batteries, starts to leaves but notices the bookshelf] Nerd book, nerd book, nerd book, hello? [a secret storage unveils] Woah! Sweet corn! No wonder Brains never wants to play with my RC cars, she's got a whole collection right here. I wonder, she'd mind if I give them a quick spin. [plays dice] Nah! [opens storage] I can't believe Brains has been hiding this from me.
Miniature warbots: [moves out]
Fred: Awesome! I wonder where the remotes are?
Robert Robeaux: Helo, hello, hello, visitor-tor?
Miniature warbots: [lock on target]
Robert Robeaux: May we offer you a sandwich and fruit punch? [head blown off] Ooh, I swear I never had this fun. Ow, ow, ow, that doesn't hurt.
Fred: [scared]
Miniature warbots: [approaches head]
Robert Robeaux: You look a bit-bit-bit-bit busy, I'll catch your action next time. [picks up head and walks away]
Miniature warbots: Enemy destroyed. [targets Fred]
Fred: [in panic]

[Scene cuts back to school's tennis court.]

Corky: Congrats on somehow making it to the finals Braianna. Personally I wouldn't be caught dead playing with that ugly racket.
Friday: Who is she calling ugly!? [unveils laser gun]
Braianna: Save it for the match Friday. [incoming call]
Friday: Good call, I'll zap her during her serve. [hides laser gun]
Braianna: [answers call] What is it Fred?
Fred: Um, quick question, uh, what's the deal with those RC bots you keep hidden in your lab?
Braianna: [shocked] Those aren't RC bots, they're miniature warbots that I imprisoned from starting another intergalactic war. [sighs] Why?

[Scene skips back to Brains's lab.]

Fred: Uh, no reason. Speak later, bye!
Miniature warbots: [aim and fire]
Fred: [runs in fear] Alright Fred, you just need fix this yourself. Just stay calm, be smart, don't do anything crazy. [picks up broom and attacks]

[Scene skips to Robeaux backdoor.]

Fred: [in difficulty of fending off]
Miniature warbot: Enemy Neutralized.
Fred: Uh this can't be good.

[Scene skips back to school's tennis court.]

Corky: [strikes]
Braianna: [missed]
Specatators: [cheers]
Corky: You have to do better than that Brainiac!
Braianna: [annoyed and strikes] Yes!
Specatators: [cheers]
Braianna: Match point Corky, how's my ugly looking racket now?
Friday: You know it hurts even more when you say it.

[Scene cuts to next serve]

Mort: [running in panic] Ahhh! Help me!
Braianna: [sighs] Fred!
Corky: Is that my brother?
Braianna: [sighs and decides] I gotta take care of something. [leaves]
Corky: [celebrates in joy] Yey! I win!

[Scene skips to the street outside Brains's house.]

Fred: Hey guys, uh, how was the tournament?
Braianna: Fred, I don't even wanna know how this happened, just command Friday into electromagnetic pulse ray so I can disable the warbots.
Fred: Alright, alright. Are you mad at me?
Braianna: Now!
Fred: Okay! Friday, I command you to uh- [silenced]
Miniature warbot: Threat Neutralized.
Friday: Sorry Brains, he didn't finish the command, I'm stuck as a racket!
Braianna: Then I guess we'll have to improvise. [strikles] Tennis anyone?
Miniature warbot: All units attack!
Braianna: [strikes] Game on! [strikes again] [dices and giggles] [chases against last warbot]
Corky: Sorry to interrupt um, oh, whatever is you're doing. But I thought you'd like to see the trophy I won. What do you think? [bragging and laughs]
Braianna: Duck!
Corky: Actually it's a swan, the swan reprehensibly and I- [Braianna pushes her down and her trophy gets destroyed] [frightened and leaves]
Braianna: Game, Set [strikes], Match! Haha!
Friday: [spinning] Will you cut that out, that tickles.
Braianna: [blows]

[Scene cuts back to Robeaux backyard.]

Fred: [disgusted] Ah man, that thing tastes even worse than it smells.
Friday: [disgusted] Yuck! [passes out]
Fred: Sorry for almost causing an intergalactic war. But in my defense, those bots were begging to be played with.
Braianna: I just going to tell you, thanks.
Fred: Oh yeah, here wer go with another lecture. [surprised] Wait, thanks? [checks her temperature]
Braianna: Yeah! [Fred backs down] I need a little excitement, nothing beats the rush of smashing warbots to pieces.
Fred: What about tennis?
Braianna: Tennis was fun, but I couldn't shake the feeling that I was cheating. Corky deserved to win.
Friday: Yeah have her trophy disintegrated! Who's she calling ugly? Has she looked at a pond recently? No!
Fred: You're not mad?
Braianna: [head shake]
Friday: Well She should do!
Fred: Wow, maybe I should mess around with the stuff in your lab more oftne.
Braianna: [grabs Fred] Oh Fred, don't even think about it.

[Episode Ends]

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