Borgolon the Loyal (or Puddles) is a minor character of Lucky Fred. He is a cute Canillian dog and also the Special Assistant to the Canillians' leader, whose goal is to hollow out the Earth's magma and bury the Canillians' bones within the planet which failed from happening.


He is a cute Fandango common dog with a Oyster Pink belly. He has a rounded head, with big Black ears, eyebrows and eyelash are also Black, Espresso eyes, has a Oyster Pink color lining starting from the upper back of his head also connecting to the entire muzzle to the chin, a Congo Brown oblong-shaped nose and a small triangular body. Whenever he becomes very serious as a Canillian his eyes changes to fiery color.


Borgolon is both evil and hyper-intelligent, more than clever of making a cute face that easily duped Fred and Braianna. Friday on the other hand refused to submit, due to him being half-jealous and half-suspicious to his appearance. One thing he's surely weak of and could not resist the feeling of hatred for squirrels which would fail him from securing the controls. He is also crazy (evil and aggressive) and stupid (easily distracted).


  • He is the first organic alien to appear in the series (excluding the other aliens that appeared in the Opening Theme) .
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