Canilian Leader



Fred and Braianna

S1 E2 Fred still doesn't believe Friday

with Fred and Brains

His first goal was to get their attention in order to get in Braianna's house and have access to the SB1 magma drill. For him, it was too easy to get their attention and surely made fools out of them. After some time of making cute faces he then suddenly revealed his true color and captured them as prisoners and no more as obstacles.


S1 E2 Puddles notices the squirrel

Calm and ready to chase.

The creatures that he hates most are squirrels, a natural enemy which he becomes aggressive, chases after and takes them down for just approaching him or even throwing a pun at him.


S1 E2 Borgolon chasing Friday

The "squirrel" is going down!

Friday is his biggest obstacle that he would never conquer, so he had to make him leave the house. The only 2 things that he only hated Friday is him being a squirrel and having a bad pun thrown at him. Which he could not resist of his instincts of chasing him down which distracted and led him to capture and failure.

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