Air Admiral Chuck Mac is a minor character of Lucky Fred. He is an official of the top secret International Space Agency and was a judge of the school's science fair with a purpose to find a scientific genius that can meet-and-rescue the nation's top space man: Caribou Caruthers.


His hair color is Grey, Blue (with little color of Green) in hue and his eyes are Green in hue. He wears the Admiral 's Endeavour uniform that is decorated with its grade insignia on both shoulders along with about 22 medals that is awarded for outstanding service or achievement: two medals (1 Cerise and 1 Laser Lemon) on the left and 20 smaller ones on the left. He also wears a pair of Deep Fir pants (with an Army green lining) and a riding crop for good disciplining.


Calm and disciplined, he acts and talks as a top military official no matter where he is. Just don't get the wrong idea that it's easy talking with him, except for Fred who just keeps it cool even though he is giving the wrong idea. But one thing he loves most is a drink of raspberries from Fred's soda glove (Friday).


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