This sub-page is a transcript of Crispy Fred Chicken from season 2 of Lucky Fred.

Agent Brains/Braianna
Mr. Tonsils
Sir Percival
Wally K
Super Commander
Mutant octopus
Luckpuig residence


[Thunder sound, then the students are screaming while running in library.]

Mr. Tonsils: settle down [sniff] uhh.. it's just an power outage class, stay calm and stay on your seats [using a tissue]

[the students run out of the library as another thunder hits]

Mr. Tonsils: WAIT! [running along with them]
Friday: Fred? [shaking Fred's head] Fred? [hitting it on desk to wake him up] they're all gone.
Fred: ohhh the "today", just about anything to get out of studying, [puts Friday in bag] let's go!
Mort: the truly Brave dare to stay at their desks, Fred. [holds up a flashlight] unless you're too a chicken! to hear the terrifying tail of the legend of the toilet monster!
Fred: oh Mort, why do you always pull out the same stunt when there's a black out?
Mort:HEY! I do not!

[flashback plays]

Mort: [writing on the blackboard and suddenly takes out a flashlight] the hunting!

[appearing in front of Nora with a flashlight] the darkness! [appearing in front of a fish bowl with a flashlight] the human! [flashback ends]

Fred: you always do it Mort, but hey, watch out, I heard someone dying after hearing that story... by the boredom! [laughs and leaves]
Mort: yeah, that's right, you go, unless you won't be disturbed when you screamed like a chicken!

[a small red chicken explodes]

Fred: [comes back] OK Mort, let's see if I scream, or snore.
Mort: [turns on the flashlight] every night, at the witching hour, a foul smelly and cut through monster, emerges from the sewers through the toilet.

[Fred yawns and Friday pops out his head]

Mort: looking, for Brains to drink!

[Wally K and Corky looking scared] [Friday gulps]

Mort: when he finds one, he cracks their head open like an egg, and then slurps like this [making sucking sound]

[Friday screams and Fred pushes him in the bag and closes it]

Mort: I knew it! Fred's a chicken! I called it!
Fred: no wait! it's not how it looks! it wasn't me!
Mort: [takes pictures from Fred] wait right there, [working with his phone] a few clicks there, [chuckle] look what I just pulled on the internet!

[a song plays on the video]

Fred was a dude if you
thought he was cool and
but one day when light goes out at night
he freaked out and began to
the chicken Fred won't use the boys room in the school

[Corky and Wally K begun to laugh] he won't take his piss out!

Fred: well ENOUGH! it wasn't me! it was my pen!! [pulling out Friday]
Braianna: hey! if Fred's pen screams, what do his pencils do? synchronize swimming? [laughs while pushes Fred]

[Mort, Wally K and Corky keep laughing] [in the school's warehouse]

Braianna: Fred, you can't be friends with a highly specificed robot, if you can't control yourself!
Fred: it's Mort who can't control his brain! didn't you hear that song?

[as Braianna's wrist watch beeps, she throws Fred into a locker and turns it on]

Super Commander: agent Brains?
Braianna: hi dad, I mean, Super Commander.
Super Commander: Honey, egghead the evil alien has created a mutant, and he has send it to the earth to attack your quadrants. you must neutralize it using any means necessary.
Braianna: Sir, yes Sir.
Super Commander: did you get my email?

[Super Commander opens the email and the song on the video plays] [Super Commander laughs as Fred dashes out of the room]

Nora: hi Fred, we saw your video. [she and Sara laugh]
Fred: yeah, hilarious. [enters a class]
Sir Percival and :Edd ie: [dancing in the class] run! run! chicken Fred!

[whole school singing]

a chicken by the name of Freeed!
Fred: [runs in a stool in the boys room] oh this is not happening! when I open my eyes, it'll all be over. [opens his eyes]
Friday: [gets in] Fred! I've been looking for you! I've curry a graft at robot version! [starts singing] Fred is a chicken, he's not a p-p-pigeon. he's a leaver like a dodo, he's scared, he's lost his macho [stops when Fred throws a toilet paper at him] oh is the music finished?
Fred: enough!
Friday: [throws toilet paper at Fred] a toilet paper fight? that's so childish. let's ball, come on Fred! now you have to throw it on me you know the rules!
Fred: wait, I'm having a toilet paper inspiration! the power of the toilet paper has inspired me!
Friday: [gasp] the power of the frequent sheets!
Fred:write down every word I say! I'm about to dictate something that would make history in the world of horror stories!
Friday:OK, now you got my attention! [turns into a Secretary]
Wally K: [entering while singing the video's song] run, run, chicken Fred!

[one of the stool doors cracks open]

Wally K:hey! it's my private time to do an important business and everybody here knows that I have to do it ALONE! [pulls up his sleeve] you're gonna be sorry! [opens the stool door and finds no one in it, scratching his head and sits down] Ugh! [scary music plays] uhh, c-can someone turn off that music? I can't- I can't do my business in here!
Friday: [appearing from behind him in a form of a monster] I am the toilet monster!
Wally K: [runs out and screams] AHHHH!
Mort: Wally, the toilet monster's just an earned legend! although,greatly improved by my amazing manner of talent!
Wally K: I... I [shaking] I just see the toilet monster, and it gave me a message for you! [starts reading the message on toilet paper] I hear, that when there's a power outage, some jerk face calls me stinky, I, the toilet monster, dare you to say that into my face, tonight, at the witching hour, let's see what stinks when I drink his BRAINS!

[Mort freaks out and hides into a locker]

Fred: [grabbing the toilet paper from Wally K] what's the big deal? hah, Mort you need to go and show him who's boss!
Mort: MY BEAUTIFUL BRAIN! [whimpers]
Fred: chill, Mort, Wally will go with ya!
Wally K: WHAT??!
Fred: right, Wally?

[Wally K runs away in panic]

Fred: Wally? ugh, wimps. well, I suppose I'll have to go myself and tell him to leave poor little Mort's Brain alone!
Mort: [comes out] wait, you do that, for me?
Fred: well, if you change that awful video on the internet, I suppose I can think about it! here, hold this a sec [throws the message in Mort's hands] I've got a great idea for a song [clearing throat] ruuun, run,chicken Mort, the toilet monster has come out now! [laughs]
Mort: Fred, you wrote this!
Fred: nooo! no, look at the ink, smell it!
Mort: "that idiot Mort's gonna see what's Fred made of"? "Friday, start writing down everything I say"? [Jumps on Fred] Fred, I don't know who Friday is, but you and me both know, the monster doesn't exist.
Fred: so, you don't mind coming with me tonight at the witching hour?
Mort: ugh, Fred, I have better things to do at the midnight! like, you know, I, well, I HAVE A BUSY SCHEDULE OK BYE! [walks away]
Fred: wait, wait! [stops him] how about I'll let you record me looking stupid while I'll try to fight with the monster that doesn't exist?
Mort: [smirks while thinking about it]
Fred: uhh. but if the monster does appear, you have to film the fight and put it on the internet instead of your stupid video, deal?
Mort: deal! [shakes hand with Fred]

[in Luckpuig resident]

Fred: [sigh], my reputation is at stake! ow! now listen carefully to the second part of my plan! [Friday throws toilet paper at him repeatedly] ow! hey Friday- Ow! quit doing that- OW! already! hey!
Friday: I'm just trying to help! toilet paper inspiration will provide you with another great idea! [throws another one]
Fred: OW! [thinks] hey I got one! listen, you head in the bathrooms, when I arrive with Mort, you and I fight.
Friday: cool!! [takes out a plasma gun immediately]
Fred: no,no weapons! ok? it's just an act. you have to let me win!
Friday: uh-huh that's not cool.
Fred:if I don't win then the plan won't work! bye bye fun!
Friday: ok, let's do us up! [turns into the toilet monster]
Fred: No! Mort's no fool! but a toilet paper's not gonna cut it! we need a really amazing monster, you get me?
Friday: so many horrifying monsters I can turn into!
Fred: great, but hurry up! I'll keep Mort busy, you'll transform your self and then come the the school. we'll meet in the bathrooms. sweet corn! [gets out of the room]
Friday: a big moment needs a big look! [transforms] uh, oh no, something's not right.hmm [breaks the roof of the house] cool, right, just need a little bit of literal thinking. [laughs evilly and takes off]

[in the sky in Brains's spaceship]

Agent Brains: Agent Brains here, I've been patrolling for over [yawning while looking at her watch] eight hours and there are no mutant aliens in sight. requesting permission, to aboard the mission. [Friday quickly passes from the spaceship as an alarm beeps] wait a minute, what was that? [goes after it]
Friday: [roars like a monster] no that's dumb. [roars while shaking his arms] yeah it's kinda Corking [makes gorilla sounds while hitting on his chest] you got a primo man! [a net gets thrown at him] huh?
Agent Brains: I've got you, mutant!

[Fred and Mort quietly enter to the school as a spaceship lands on the roof] [in the bathroom]

Fred: [while looking in the stools] cover yourself, Mort! you're not ready to face an authentic toilet monster! [mumbling] ugh, Friday! where are you? [a smell spreads in the bathroom] [coughs] Mort, please! do you always

[the mutant appears]

Mort: AHHH! the toilet monster!

[the mutant roars and gets close and Mort runs into a stool]

Fred: aww come on Mort! don't be a chicken and keep taping! [looks at the mutant] let's show the world the real Fred!

[the mutant roars and picks up Fred with a tentacle and Mort starts recording]

Fred: stinky monster, you're late! never heard of punctuality? obviously you need to be taught a lesson! [punches the mutant in the eye] and I'm here to teach you a whole class! for free! [pulls its eyelids]

[the mutant starts to repeatedly hit Fred on the ground]

Fred: [while getting beaten up] UGH! take that! OW! take this too! oooof!

[Mort looks away while still recording]

Fred: [grabs the mutant by the eye] hey, buddy you look really cool and stinky, but, you're fighting too hard, let me-

[the mutant roars in his face and stretch Fred with its tentacle]

Fred: [screams while trying to crawl himself away] DON'T. BRING ME. UP?

[out side in the Hallway]

Friday: Brains, I am a robot masquerading as a mutant wannabe who wants to be who wants to be a robot masquerading as a mutant wannabe robot, not to gathering around!
Agent Brains: [sigh] Ok! sorry! my mistake! hey, are you sure this is the place?

[an explosion shakes the bathroom door as Fred's scream comes from behind it]

Friday: no way! they started without me?
Agent Brains: wait! [smells] I can smell mutant!
Fred: [talking to mutant] ENOUGH ALREADY!
Agent Brains: [opens the door and shoots the mutant in the eye]

[the mutant roars ,shrinks and turns into a squeezy toy]

Fred: [squeezing the mutant] hey! where are you going? I haven't even started yet! [falls on the ground]

[the squeezy toy jumps out of the bathroom as Friday picks it up] [the next day]

Nora:congratulations, Fred! what a cool video! but, you know what? I like the other one better! I've always liked chickens! they're fun and, they're just so cute!
Fred: [gasps with a dropped jaw and starts running] tell me you didn't delete the chicken video! Mort! MORT!
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