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Cuddle Muffins (or Cuddlybugs) are the cutest aliens that you can set eyes on but are the most dangerous when provoked.


They wear Black space suits, their skin colors are a mixture White, Green and Blue hues starting from White Smoke (upper head) as the brightest to Turquoise (hands) as the darkest with Iris Blue spots on their cheeks. They have big dark pupils and Pelorous antennae, but become reddish when infuriated.


Small, with big eyes and a gentle expression, the Cuddle Muffins are super-cute. But appearances can be deceptive, because they use their so-called cuteness as a defense mechanism and are dangerous with perhaps the worst tempers in the galaxy. Just ask Wally K, the thug at Fred’s school, who had the misfortune to encounter one when he was about to give Fred a good beating.

Known characters

Known crimes


  • The invading Cuddle Muffins are grouped as a battalion of only 100, even though the size is for a company.
  • The Great Conspiracy is the only episode where they spoke with speech.