It is one of Sir Percival's favorite gadgets that he always carries with aside from his MP3 player and headphones.


The very latest in shoe-based electronics. Built-in with MP3 players, cellphone, Global Positioning System (GPS), internet-enabled game play with unlimited free downloads and cooler.

Theft of Wally K

As Sir Percival does the "Moonwalk" and bumps onto Wally K who was eating someone else's sandwich. Wally got really mad, Sir Percival suggests of paying the damages and calling it even, but it wasn't satisfying enough to stop his rage for interrupting his lunch so he does "hanging wedgie" on him and also steals his new shoes for good measure. Luckily his best friend Fred just came to get the shoes that Wally K stole and gives it back to its rightful owner.


  • Braianna is not fascinated with it, since she is way more advanced with gadgets.
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