Cyborg HH is a minor character of Lucky Fred. She is a veteran robot of the Protectors and a very happy one.


Her eye is Red (with little Orange) in hue. She is equipped with a Catskill White outer shell, Light Sea Green ears and a Green mouth. She wears a Starship T-shirt and a pointed party hat.


She is a member of the Protectors for more than 20 years. On her first appearance, she and the Protectors were celebrating her 20th anniversary as a member of the Protectors. She is always happy and smiles all the time.

On Episode 5, she got her tables crossed thus a mistaken agent was sent on mission to help Agent Brains, instead of arranging Agent One Alpha of leading the mission, an actor called Agent Alpha One was sent.


  • Cyborg HH is one of the robots that has worked for many years serving Protectors.
  • At the end of Episode 27, in the public there were of here, the other one much larger and doesn't have a hat.
  • In Episode 31, she was one of the robots (that was damaged) who got sent to the waste planet to get recycled (or it was possibly another robot).
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