Eddie is a recurring character of Lucky Fred. He is one Fred's closest friends and also sometimes considered as a rival for Fred's love interest: Nora. It seems like he doesn't know about this, but they're still good friends.


His hair color is Persian Indigo-Blackcurrant and his eyes are Blue and Green in hue. He wears a Lemon headband, a White Smoke-Free Speech Green t-shirt with a letter "e" plus a pair of Venetian Red sun sleeves and a pair of Kelly Green pants.


Eddie is a boy of African origin with Rastafarian frizzy hair who wears very cool clothes. Eddie is annoyingly perfectly perfect. He helps the unfortunate souls, is an athlete, no-one can skate like, him and he can play any instrument. He loves yoga and tai-chi, and is fluent in several languages. And if this isn’t enough, he gets the highest grades at school.


  • In Episode 12, Sir Percival's voice actress: Jules de Jongh, took over one of his lines ("I need a scarf") instead of being done by the original actor himself.
  • Fred rarely calls Eddie "Mr. Perfect" because it seems that it has no apparent defect.
  • In Episode 24, Eddie plays a duet for violin and piano solo for the talent show (last year he played saxophone and clarinet for the contest).
  • Principal Darling retains the music award that Eddie won last year in her office.
  • Eddie is among the 50 best skiers in the world although he lost the ski contest to Braianna in Episode 52.
  • In Episode 21, it is revealed that he has a pet dog.
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