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|age = Unknown
|age = Unknown
|species = Egghead {{Alien}}
|species = Egghead {{Alien}}
|affiliations = [[Galactic Villains]]
|affiliation = [[Galactic Villains]]
|relatives = [[Mrs. Egghead]] (mother)
|relatives = [[Mrs. Egghead]] (mother)
|first = [[Brains Math problem|Episode 14]]
|first = [[Brains Math problem|Episode 14]]

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Egghead IX is a recurring character of Lucky Fred. He is the main villain of the series and is also the mastermind of the Galactic Villains, whose goal was to incapacitate the Annihilator 9-0-9-0-9-0-niner and take out Agent Brains once and for all, later however became a huge failure.


Previous modelEdit

Skin color has a mixture of Violet and Green hues starting from Medium Orchid (upper head) as the darkest to Paris White (arms) as the brightest with Indigo spots on his head. He wears a Black-Spring Bud robe.

Current modelEdit

His skin color is a mixture of Violet hues (darkest from the top and brightest to the bottom) with Persian Indigo spots on his head. He wears a Black-Inch Worm robe and unlike his minions, he doesn't walk nor run but is always seen riding on his hovercraft which makes things faster for him.


He is the personal enemy of Agent Brains. An extraterrestrial villain who adores maths problems and with the biggest ego in the entire galaxy. Egghead will never admit that Agent Brains is more intelligent than him. He cannot bear to hear her name, and even less that of Fred, since he frustrated his plans to destroy the Earth, by sitting on his egg-control.


  • In the French version, he is called Plutonic Egg (English translation for Plutonioeuf) instead of Egghead.
  • His previous model shares the same model from one of his minions.
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