This pair of Eggheads are Egghead IX's minions. They were supposed to stop (and capture) Agent Brains from escaping the ship which failed.



Skin color has a mixture of Violet and Green hues starting from Medium Orchid (upper head) as the darkest to Paris White (arms) as the brightest with Indigo spots on its head. It wears a Black-Spring Bud robe.


Skin color has a mixture of Blue and Grey hues starting from Blue Bell (upper head) as the darkest to Aqua Haze (lower neck) as the brightest with Blue Violet spots on its head and Grey-Blue-Violet hued arms. It wears a Black-Aqua robe.


Unlike their boss, they don't have fingers and an anti-gravity device to ride. They are unarmed and can walk on both feet. Their duties are to watch, guard and patrol the ship from intruders.


  • One of the minions share the same model as Egghead's previous model.
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