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Elephantoids are similar to that of a terrestrial Elephant, its skin color is purple in light and dark shades, has three legs but sometimes has been seen with four legs, also has the ability to speak human language. It's home planet is unknown.

They have the worst sense of humor throughout the galaxy and are immune to all weapons including Friday, since being attacked with those only make them become bigger and stronger. The only known individual to defeat them was Mr. Boots.

Known Elephantoids

Agent Brains's old friend

The first one to appear was in Episode 18 to help Brains to make a prank for Fred because he said she was boring and she wanted to show he's wrong (and also to teach him a lesson). On the last minutes Brains revealed that this Elephantoid was an old friend of hers.

Galactic Villain member


  • An Elephantoid reappeared in Episode 45. Although it is unknown if it's the same one or another one, since the latter has 4 legs and the previous had 3.