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Elizabeth Sankey is the original voice actor of Agent Brains/Braianna Robeaux and Mort of Lucky Fred.

Her styles are Comedy, Cool, Versatile, Natural, Animated, Girl next door, Warm, Sexy, Smooth, Rich, Corporate.


Confident, cheerful, and cool. Young comedy actress, very well received. Definitely one to watch![1] Elizabeth Sankey is a writer, actress and musician from London. She sings in band Summer Camp and has a blog What’s Your Damage Heather, where she mentions Winona Ryder is more than healthy. Along with the awesome Emmy The Great, she is one half of The Wakefield Twins, Sweet Valley’s very own Californian blondes. They write about the 90′s, interview bands, and play shows. Read their insane blog, - The Oracle with Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield.

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