S1 E45 planning to trap Brains

The Galactic Villains was an evil faction of villains formed by Egghead and his evil alien colleagues.


In Episode 45, the faction was formed recently and they were preparing a planned ambush and capture of their common enemy, Agent Brains and her Annihilator 9-0-9-0-9-0-niner. The ambush succeeded as planned, however, their enemy wasn't in the ship. Instead of Brains and her robot, they captured her closest ally and friend Fred Luckpuig. With change of plans, they have to lure in Brains to come to his rescue as bait. Fred is not to remain prisoner for long with some aliens hungry, so he plays some mind games to get Eggheads attention and creating much distraction to divide the faction's members. As time passes by, they were losing more of their strength and numbers than gaining pace. This would only mean their demise.


Areas of interest

Egghead's ship 2

The leader's home ship is their main and possibly their only base of operations.

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