G533 (a.k.a. Gelatina) is a minor character of Lucky Fred. She is Agent Brains’ extraterrestrial pet and is currently under the care of the Protectors.


She has Shark eyes and her blobbed body has a mixture of the colors of Violet, Red and Brown, starting from Orchid (upper head) as the brightest to Carmine pink (bottom) as the darkest.


She's highly intelligent, extremely sneaky and an adorable creature capable of adopting any appearance. Brains really misses her, but she cannot bring her to live with her on the Earth – she’s just too skittish and too unpredictable.


  • In Episode 2, Braianna mentioned that she never had a pet, but she actually has one. Possibly keeping her a secret.
  • She commonly mentions Brains as a way of interpreting her affection for her friend and rarely speaks of other things.
  • Her appearance resembles that of Morph from Disney's Treasure Planet and also they share the same ability to morph into anything they want.
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