Grave Night is a romantic novel about a zombie named Zander who is in love with a human girl named Sissy and their adventures that they had passed through because of their love. It also has a special part about how can boys be like Zander.


These books were extremely popular amongst the girls in the school. They even read them in the cafeteria and talked about them anywhere. The girls celebrated every celebration in those books (such as Zander's birthday, their first meeting day). The girls are always interested about the special gifts that they'd send to each other, like what Sissy gave to Zander for his birthday. Unlike the boys who really hate these girly books except Fred and Friday (and possibly Sir Percival).


Brains started to read them too with the data absorption helmet doing the first step to be like a "normal girl" and so does Friday who was an interest about those books but turns out they start to go a little far about it.



  • The book "Grave Night" is believed to be a parody of "Twilight."
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