Julian Larrauri is a young creative professional who was born in Madrid in February, 1983. He majored in Audiovisual Communication at the Complutense University of Madrid and holds an advanced degree in "Cinema and Television Creation and Production" awarded by the Villanueva University Center. He passed most courses with well-above-average grades and was top of the class in ten courses. He received further training in the United States and England. He was top of the class in the courses "Director as a Storyteller" and "Story Development" at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), and in the 3D animation, multimedia and photography courses at the University of Cumbria (England). In addition, he has participated in the "Business Competence Program" created by the prestigious IESE Business School.

He began his professional career in Los Angeles as a script analyzer for the movie agency Original Artists, being in close contact with major Hollywood studios, which has helped him see the cinematographic world not only as a creative and artistic place but also as a successful business and industry. Back in Spain, losing no track of the idea of combining creativity and business, he started working in several production areas at the TV station La Sexta and developed the on-line thematic channel for El Periódico de la Publicidad. He has also worked as a radio announcer and producer in several movie shows at the radio station Onda Voz.

In 2006, he joined the animation studio Imira Entertainment, where he performed different creative tasks involving editing, animatics and design. In addition, he coordinated the creative team and supervised several projects. In 2009 he was the Line Producer and Showrunner of said company developing projects in co-production with the Walt Disney Company.

From 2012 he is the Line Producer of the international company Ilion Animation Studios.

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