The King of Porcelania like all the royal family are similar to humans with some differences for example their skin is light green do not have legs whether two pairs of tentacles that allow them to climb the walls, the barons have hair on the head and women themselves. All of their bodies releases a delicious and intoxicating smell of freshly baked cookies made of flowers and sunlight (as actors) who use it to make people obey all orders imposed on them regardless if they want to or not. The only two ways to avoid being their servants are either covering the nose or have a bad cold like Mr. Tonsils.


He is similar to a human in appearance, but his skin is light green like her daughter Iria VII, is also plump appearance. He has a long head and no hair on his head. He has two large white eyes with black pupils, with two eyebrows darker than their skin color green. He also has a huge mustache bright green the color of their eyebrows.

His clothing is typical of a king: a red suit with white collar, with a gold brooch layer color is red colored layer by back and inside of black color. Like her daughter Iria, the King has no legs like humans if not two pairs of tentacles.


Despite being a king, he behaves like a spoiled child who likes to have fun like riding the swings and piloting the spacecraft awhile.


His first and only appearance was in Episode 20 where he used the scent to convince the Super Commander of piloting the spacecraft for a while because he had forgotten to put his top-nose to protect its aroma which caused the spacecraft of the Protectors to move without any fixed direction being piloted by the King of Porcelania only for some fun.


  • He forced the Super commander to rock him in an actual swing to have fun and let him pilot the Protectors' HQ.
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