Lucky Fred II (104 x 12)[1] is now greenlit for production in its second season after its global success with the 1st season being sold to 165 territories and dubbed into 26 languages. There is a companion app to the show which makes use of geo-localized interactive technology so fans can embark on Fred’s adventures in their own neighborhoods. Season 2 takes a 5 way split of Televisió de Catalunya in Spain, RAI Fiction in Italy, GSW Animation in Jamaica, telegael in Ireland and major investments from GD Entertainment Fund in Luxembourg.[2]


Lucky Fred is a comedy featuring Fred, his extraordinary shape-shifting robot and his neighbour Braianna, who is really Secret Agent Brains. Together they will save the world and have a lot of fun along the way.

Differences from Season 1


Though a new casting team, they still retained the two original members Elizabeth Sankey and Beth Chalmers, who still voiced their respective characters.




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