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The Medi-bot unit is the Protectors' medical robot. They're the only known robots that can cure the snow beast virus with an application of electric shocks on the infected.


S1 E50 medi-bot's Multiplication.gif

The medi-bot has the characteristics to high speed-chase and cure specific viruses and to electroshock the infected targets, it also has special features to multiply and fuse into a giant medi-bot to achieve its goal to cure as quickly as possible.


It appeared for the first and only time in Episode 50. Agent Brains kept refusing to admit that she had been infected which caused her to transform into a snow beast. The Medi-bot cured her after a brief fight with her. After the incident, Brains asked from the Super Commander for another medi-bot (for curing Fred, which she didn't mentioned to the Super commander that she also accidentally infected Fred when she sneezed on his face). Both Brains and Fred were cured after receiving electroshocks from the medi-bots.