They're the miniature warbots that were imprisoned by Agent Brains which she prevented them from starting another intergalactic war.



3 mini-tanks, 3 mini-jets and 2 mini-attack helicopters, they are all reminiscing both from toys and military vehicles. For Fred, they are toys in which they are begging to be played with. But appearances can be deceptive, because they are highly aggressive, they attack indiscriminately and are more dangerous than they look. Never ever take them for a spin!

Unlike their real life-sized counterparts, they don't use any kind projectile or shells for ammunition however they use lasers instead. They are mostly offensive, but can be defensive if the enemy is at close range.


Comprising of 3 units of different designs, they are the only land units comprising the warbots.

Silence the enemy

S1 E1 Fred silenced

Enemy speaking to the enemy is unacceptable and is considered a threat. If so, then they would silence the hostage with an odorous slime-like substance before the enemy retaliates.

Jet aircraft

Comprising of 2 units of different designs, they are the one-half of the air units comprising the warbots.

Equipped with missiles

One of the 2 jets has two missiles attached to it. Though never been used, it is still unknown if it's real or just for show.

Attack helicopter

Comprising of 2 units of different designs, they are the other half of the aircraft units comprising the warbots.

Rope capture

S1 E1 Fred captured

One of the 2 helicopters has a rope and the other has to hold it to capture the enemy target.


S1 E1 bot charges in

One of the attack helicopters is believed to be the leader of the warbots. Saying "All units attack!" which is an order or a command.


  • One of the jets has two missiles attached, but were never used.
  • These warbots are not waterproof.
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