Morton "Mort" Duckswaddle is a recurring character of Lucky Fred. He is Corky's older brother, a wannabe famous personality of the school and is friends with no one.


His hair color is Scarlet and his eyes are Blue and Green in hue. He wears a Powder Blue shirt coupled with a Electric Purple vest and a pair of Sangria pants. Other things he puts on is a pair of glasses, a Palatinate Purple bow and brings along a camera (just in case if something unusual happens).


Website Description

Mort is a distrustful nosey-parker. That's why he's the official journalist for the school newspaper. Mort is always to take afloat all of Fred's and Braianna's secrets, although he has no clue whether they have any or not. He simply enjoys picking on other people's problems in order to advertise himself. In more than one occasion, his camera breaks just when he's taken the shot which could put Agent Brains' mission at risk. Mort is Corky's older brother.[1]


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