Mr. Boots is a minor character of Lucky Fred. He is one of the Protectors' top cadets from the academy, he was sent to planet Earth to do advanced field training for future Earth missions.


Mr. Boots is a small Dark Purple mouse with an East Side underbelly. He has a rounded head, with big East Side ears, eyes that are Blue and Green in hue, Black eyebrows, hands, feet and tail, an Indigo plum-shaped nose and an oval-shaped body.


Mr. Boots is a highly trained Protector and a top of his class. He is cute, quiet, quick, super-strong and very clever for a mouse. He specializes in hand-to-hand and armed combat even against multiple targets, with his small suitcase that he carries along, which contains tools for utility. Aside from his impressive skills as a Protector, he is also trained and called as the "Perfect Pranking Weapon" (by Fred) for performing the quickest and the most impressive pranks in just one day.


  • Like the other Protectors, he also has a weapon of his own which also has the right size for him.
  • He is the only organic Protector that doesn't wear a suit.
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