Mr. Fractal is a minor character of Lucky Fred. He is Fred's teacher for Mathematics and so as well as the 11 classmates of his.


His hair colors and eyes are Blue and Violet in hue. He wears a collared Pattens Blue shirt coupled with a Sapphire necktie, a Solitude lab coat, a pair of Egyptian Blue pants and pair of glasses.


His voice is almost sinister as his laughter. He's usually disappointed on students who lacks of any kind of improvement in his class. He announces Mort to be his best student when he tries to find an example for the other students (as much as Mort always shows off in front of him).

Website Description

Fractal hates his students, that's why he's the toughest nut to crack at school. He thinks he's very intelligent and loves Mathematics. His voice is almost sinister. He's normally disappointed by Braianna.

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