Mr. Tonsils is a minor character of Lucky Fred. He is Fred's teacher for History and Literature and so as well as the 11 classmates of his.


His hair color is Night Rider and his eyes are Blue in hue. He wears a Spring Sun shirt coupled with a Pigment Green-Inch Worm-Olive-Jonquil striped vest and a pair of Dark Cerulean pants. Other things he puts on is a pair of glasses, a Free Speech Magenta bow and brings along a handkerchief (just in case if he sneezes and needs to wipe his nose).


Website Description

Mr. Tonsils always has a cold. He teaches History and Literature. There are few things on Earth more boring than his classes. If it wasn't for his sneezing, his students would sleep through them. Atishoo! (Sniff).


  • He hasn't smelled anything wonderful since the spring of 1951.
  • He's immune to Princess Iria's smell, due to his cold.
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