Nora is a recurring character of Lucky Fred. She is Fred's love interest and has known both of him and his feelings without being noticed.


Her hair color is Yellow Sea-Carrot Orange (with little color of Pumpkin) and her eyes are Blue in hue. She wears a Yellow shirt coupled with a Biloba Flower-Wisteria-Medium Slate Blue blouse and a pair of Turquoise-Medium Turquoise pants. Other things she puts on is a Turquoise Blue scrunchy and also accessorizes herself with a pair of Medium Turquoise earrings, a Turquoise Blue bracelet and a Aqua-Bright Turquoise belt.


Website Description

She is the girl Fred has a crush on. She is good-looking although she's not aware and is rather shy, which she hides by pretending to be distant and hermetic. When she's around, Fred loses it and behaves stupidly. Even though Fred hasn't realised, she has noticed him. If Fred only behaved like a normal person for a second, maybe then everything would be much easier for both.[1]


  • Her first appearance was a cameo in Episode 1.
  • She and Fred are currently dating as of Episode 13.


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