It is one of Toon Boom's flagship studios in Québec[1], it provides 2D digital pre-production, posing, animation & compositing on 34 Lucky Fred episodes which is now completed.[2]

Corporate Profile

Olkois Animation Inc. is a state-of-the-art digital animation Studio, producing high-quality animation content and providing advanced digital animation services to the animation industry. Founded in September 2003, Olkois Animation is based in Montreal and has over 80 employees. The Studio’s digital infrastructure consists of cutting-edge digital technology, and a team of highly-skilled artists and digital production experts. On top of producing original animated series, Olkois Animation also offers a complete range of digital 2D animation services destined for the television, film advertising, cinema, mobile telephony and new media industries.[3]

Animation production

Scheduled for delivery in January 2012, this 2D animated series is the first Disney project done in Québec. Entirely produced using the Toon Boom Harmony pipeline, this high quality project will create 70 new jobs at Olkois. The entire animation production will be done in Montreal.


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