The Potatoids

The Potatoids (also called as Potato-brains) are the least intelligent aliens in the galaxy. One day, a pair kidnapped the teachers at Fred's school in order to try to learn something. Fred, Brains and Friday went to their rescue and the Potatoids were very impressed by Fred.


They are massive one-eyed potatoes and are taller than a human. Their only form of clothing are diapers.


Friday's perspective

It's an alien with a potato for a brain, they fire spud guns and completely harmless.

Super Commander's perspective

The Potatoids are completely dangerous. The Potatoids are either very dangerous or very very dumb.


Potatoid pair

So far they're the only potatoids that have appeared in the series.

In Episode 27, they appeared to be part of the crowd who witnessed the Galactic Award Ceremony at the Protector's HQ.

In Episode 28, their main priority was to search for the most intelligent life forms in the galaxy and learn everything from them for only one reason to stop the other aliens from calling them "potato-brains." They thought the school's staff also known as the wise men of Earth are the ones they've been looking for. Fortunately, Fred got their attention that they got the wrong people and knows where and what they look like. Convincing enough, they agreed on Fred's trade deal which is "in exchange for their (them and the school's staff) freedom and one their toys, he will reveal the location of the people he mentioned to have long white beards and stylish clothes." The wisemen they look up to were Corky's art project of gnomes.

In Episode 45, they were members of the Galactic Villains which later all of it's members got captured by the Protectors.


  • Their first appearance was a cameo in Episode 27.
  • They are intelligent enough to operate a spacecraft.
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