Potatoids' ship

The Potatoids' ship is the only known main base of operations of the Potatoids located on the asteroid belt. It also serves as the production and research facility and storage for the Potatoids' beverage product called the Potato Cola.


It's form is that of potato and has a diaper underneath.

Landing port/bridge

It can only hold one small spacecraft such as Agent Brains'. Unfortunately, it is unsafe for the exiting passengers to walk out of the spacecraft so it is required that they to wear equipment to cross.


The entrance door appears to be secured but what makes it look weird and ridiculous is that it has somewhat lots of door bells or buttons to open the door which is the one that is shaped like a potato.

Research Facility and Potato Cola Storage

This place is mostly used for storage which has a lot of boxes and cans of Potato Cola stacked from bottom to top. At the center is what appears to be cage to hold their specimens for research with a lot toys to play.

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