The Protectors 2

The Protectors is a secret intergalactic security force (or intergalactic safety organization/agency), its purpose is to provide protection to every planet within the Galactic Union that is prone to all forms of alien aggression. There are only few known people to who have joined or have grown affiliated to this organization/agency (including Fred and the actor Agent Alpha One). Their headquarters is the mother ship of the Protectors, spotted in various places in the galaxy and often seen near the planet Earth.

Their symbol is a P enclosed in a shield.

Training and Missions

Being an intergalactic security organization charged with protecting the universe (The interplanetary police, according Brains "No combat ready") that protects all the planets of any aggression.

Composing of mostly human-like members, they have recruited recently a new recruit of different species. The recruits are sent to their own academy and are trained by agents for specific missions. Then they are assigned a sector and some remain within the mother ship.


The Protectors are known to be trained and equipped with the most advanced existing technology in the galaxy in which they excel in various types such as Reality Enhancement, Nuclear, Drone, Nano, Chemical and Conventional categories. Also known for having reliable spacecraft for long and short distance travels.

The Agency are often assisted by robots and other cyber electronics. One great example is the Reality Enhancement Drone prototype Annihilator 9-0-9-0-9-0-niner which was the most powerful weapon in the galaxy not until new model designs were introduced.

Agents are equipped properly including their base of operations, like Agent Brains' house which is equipped with weapons that have an attack range in light-years. The whole house works as spacecraft and the garage serving as a hangar.

In addition, the agency has it's own merchandise: like laptops, cellphones, clothing, etc.


Not much is known about it's recruitment, membership processes and hierarchal structure. Very few members have been spotted and have yet to be revealed.

Official Members

Unofficial Protectors or Associates

Possible Members

Enlisted are possible combinations derived from Cyborg HH's tables are assumed agents aside from One Alpha.

  • α Alpha
    • Agent Two Alpha
    • Agent Three Alpha
    • Agent Four Alpha
    • Agent Five Alpha
  • ↣ Arrow
    • Agent One Arrow
    • Agent Two Arrow
    • Agent Three Arrow
    • Agent Four Arrow
    • Agent Five Arrow
  • ♡ Heart
    • Agent One Heart
    • Agent Two Heart
    • Agent Three Heart
    • Agent Four Heart
    • Agent Five Heart
  • ∞ Infinity
    • Agent One Infinity
    • Agent Two Infinity
    • Agent Three Infinity
    • Agent Four Infinity
    • Agent Five Infinity
  • Ø Null (or Slashed ellipse/zero/O or Theta)
    • Agent One Null
    • Agent Two Null
    • Agent Three Null
    • Agent Four Null
    • Agent Five Null
  • Δ Delta
    • Agent One Delta
    • Agent Two Delta
    • Agent Three Delta
    • Agent Four Delta
    • Agent Five Delta

Areas of Interest

Protectors HQ




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