Randy Zoey is one of the minor characters of Lucky Fred. He is an adult trash recycler who made a presentation at school about recycling and its great achievement. Since he became the first human to be able to create his own floating island made entirely out of plastic bottles instead of polluting the sea preferring to give a valuable use to help the environment.


Randy Zoey has carrot orange hair, black eyes, his face is elongated with a wide chin. He wears recycled newsprint using a gray jacket with sleeves with the same color, his pants are light blue with patches of newspapers. On his head is a kitchen strainer which uses recycled as a hat.


His first and only appearance was in Episode 16, it appears that he loves recycling and managed to create an island that was kept afloat by thousands bottles before polluting the Earth. This inspired Fred and his friends to collect many plastic bottles and to create their own island so that they can play laser ball all the time because they did not have a proper place to play at home without them having trouble with their parents for playing inside the house or teachers play in school areas. Thanks to Friday, Fred and Braianna's they manage to create an island and transforming it into their own private Laser Ball court.


  • It appears that he's the first person on earth (aside from Fred and Braianna) to be friends with Friday.
  • He's the first person who was able to build a whole island from bottles.
  • He seems either to be aware or ignoring of Friday's presence, which is unusual.
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