Raquel (or Rachel[1]) Luckpuig is a minor character of Lucky Fred. She is Fred's mom and is married to his father, Simon Luckpuig. She is a house wife and is the one in charge of the house.


Her hair color is Jazzberry Jam-Loulou and her eyes are Lavender indigo. She wears a Kelly green blouse with an Amethyst collar and bell-shaped skirt. Other things she puts on is a Kelly green headband and also accessorizes herself with a pair of Sunglo earrings. Her physical appearance mostly resembles that of her son.


She is like any other house wife in the neighborhood, a normal but feared parent of Fred's. Like her husband, she is also athletic, strong, and charismatic, however, she may seem to be a kind person, but she is actually a passionate woman wielding an iron fist. She doesn't like trouble even in her own house, be it his son alone or with his friends, she'll definitely get mad and might also send you out if necessary. And that's not all, she has hobby of kick-boxing, she's good at it and is capable of knocking out an opponent. She's definitely a woman to be followed no matter what.


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