Roberta Robeaux is a recurring character of Lucky Fred. She is 1/2 of the "robotic parent replacement units" (fake parents) owned by Agent Brains, the other being her male counterpart: Robert.


Her hair colors are Yellow-hued and her eyes are Blue in hue. She wears a Medium Aquamarine shirt coupled with a Ruby blouse and a Dark Pink skirt. Other things she puts on is a pair of butterfly eyeglasses and also accessorizes herself with a pair of Deep Magenta earrings, a Dark Violet pearl necklace and a pair Dark Violet bracelets (both one on each wrist).


Unlike her male counterpart Robert, she is way more aggressive and probably more powerful. She may also appear like a normal human parent, but she doesn't act and speak like one. One problem is that they are being operated by their owner without the guidance of the Robo-folks: Instruction Manual, thus resulting to their abnormal well-being. That is why they can be very stupid and embarrassing, however, they are still able to perform with the problem as their limitation and be able to live like the humans.

Origin and Purpose

She and Robert (P1000 model units) are both manufactured and constructed from the Robo-folks Company and were sold to the Super Commander to provide Agent Brains a couple fake parents to cover up her secret identity as an average girl on Earth as both Robert and Roberta's raison d'être.


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