Sara is a background character of Lucky Fred. She is one of Nora's closest friends, among her friends, she's the one that would stand up for others.


Her hair and eye colors are Red, Orange and Brown in hue. She wears a Kelly Green shirt coupled with a Crimson vest and a pair of Golden Poppy pants. Other things she puts on are pairs La Rioja, Tangerine Yellow and Persimmon scrunchies (3 on both tails) and also accessorizes herself with a pair of triangular Gamboge earrings.


She is a trustworthy and yet protective "sister" to her friends. Ask Fred who would just approach to her friend Nora to apologize, she wouldn't think so about it and would take her away for doing so. She is a friend to most girls of the school and a few boys.


  • Her first appearance was a cameo in Boredom Blues.
  • Her Spanish actress bears the same name to the character she dubbed.
  • The only episodes where she spoke:
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