Simon Luckpuig is one of the recurring characters of Lucky Fred. He is Fred's dad and is married to his mother, Raquel. One thing he loves most is doing things his way, hard work and perseverance with a smile on his face.


His hair color is Honey Flower-Valhalla-Violet and has Paradiso eyes. He wears a Slate blue shirt with Laser Lemon collar and sleeves, Grape pants and Slate blue sneakers. He also once wore a Science Blue-Malachite-Gray Nurse shirt, Marshland pants and UFO Green sneakers as his substitute Gym teacher uniform.


He is athletic, strong, energetic, charismatic and an encouraging man, but can be emotional sometimes. One of the things he loved to do the most is spending a father-and-son quality time with his only son like going fishing and do chores as exercise. When there's a problem in the house he warns his son what he should do or else his mother will find out.


  • He is allergic to carrots.
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