Simone is a recurring character of Lucky Fred. She's a normal average new student.


Usually she is seen with her long hair, wearing a green dress with pink sleeves, a black skirt and socks with a darker tone than her sleeves.


Her first appearance was in Episode 26, where an alien named Slimetra hid in her body making her attractive and taking away her energy. The Super Commander informs Braianna about her and is ordered to find out where she could be hosted and Braianna performs a sleepover at her house which invites all girls in the school. When Slimetra was leaving Simone's body (which left her unconscious) Braianna manages to capture the her.


  • Her appearance under the influence of Slimetra is equal to her normal appearance. Unlike Fred, who got under the influence of the leech, his appearance changed.
  • When she was no longer under Slimetra's control (after when Slimetra came out of her body) she announced that the alien hasn't let her eat for days. (It means that the alien was sucking out her energy all along).
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