Sir Percival is a recurring character of Lucky Fred. He is Fred's former best friend and is now one of his closest friends (coming only just 2nd to Braianna). Besides Friday and Brains, he is the next friend that Fred would hangout or ask for help with.


His hair color is Seal Brown and his eyes are Blue and Green in hue. He wears a Midnight Express shirt coupled with a Raw Umber jacket and a pair of Persian Indigo pants. On top, he wears a Purple cap and a fiery MP3 player and at the bottom is a pair of colorful shoes called the Cyberkix.


He is one friend that would help another friend, for his loyalty is to his friendship. If Fred can't find help with either Friday or Brains, then it would be him to save the day.

Website Description

Long before Friday came into scene, Sir Percival was Fred's best friend. Sir Percival, like everyone else around Fred, doesn't know about the existence of Friday and has no idea about Braianna's secret identity. He is Asian, but he feels a citizen of the 'Nation of Cool'. He adopts hip-hop poses, is a gadget freak, and a real Don Juan. Sir Percival can't help shaking a leg as he hears the music in his head.[1]


  • In the French version, he is just called "Perceval" (without having the word "Sir" in it).
  • In Episode 34, it is revealed that he wears green glasses although he does not use them at the school.
  • After Fred, he was the Earth human person to discover Braianna's secret. Only unlike Fred, Sir Percival's memory was erased in Episode 22.
  • In Episode 19, when he took off his shirt it was revealed that he's very muscular.
  • In Episode 33, Sir Percival gave a rose to Nora's best friend, Sara.


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