Speedy is a minor character of Lucky Fred. He is an intelligent and advanced robot created by Timmy Gordecki to compete in a robot fighting show called "Smash That Bot!" and he's also the most loved and appreciated robot by the public.


He is a small, white, with a rectangular head with two huge yellow and red eyes and has a big smile on his face.

Episode appearances

In Episode 9, he appeared in a cameo on a TV commercial with Timmy.

In Episode 10, he was the most popular and successful fighting robot in the "Smash That Bot!" show. He along with his creator were undefeated until Fred and Friday entered the competition and managed to defeat champions, later (after when Braianna and Timmy teamed up and beat Fred and Friday). Braianna reconstructed Speedy for him because Timmy really missed his robotic friend.

In Episode 31, one of the robots (that looks like him) is found in the "Planet of the waste" which were disabled.


  • He was the undefeated champion for 37 consecutive weeks.
  • It was revealed that he had the engine of a lawnmower.
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