Agent Brains

S1 E14 father and daughter hug

Father-and-daughter moment

Like every father, he acts in a protective, supportive and responsible way towards his daughter. However being also the head of the Protectors can be a burden to him while her daughter is on mission to protect the Earth alone, sometimes worries him. He then sends one of the Protectors' best robots "the Annihilator 9-0-9-0-9-0-niner" as her partner, which gives him some relief.



Fred Luckpuig

There's nothing much between Braianna's dad and her neighbor-friend Fred. The Super Commander doesn't even know who he is, not until Episode 9 where her daughter for the first time mentioned about Fred with no ill reaction at all, but surely, he trusts this man like her daughter trusts him. They interacted only once in Episode 50, he already knew that he's Brains's closest friend so he asks him, if his daughter is sick or not.

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