The thing that slept over is the twenty-sixth episode in the first season of Lucky Fred.


Brains investigates a slumber party to find out who has the alien leech.




  • First appearance of Slimetra.
  • First main role for Simone and Slimetra
  • Braianna is dressed as a normal girl and did not changed to any other clothing, during the whole episode.
  • In this episode, it is revealed that the Super Commander has a disguise of his own.
  • Braianna uses the capture vial for the second time, but only bigger than the previous vial in Episode 7.
  • When Braianna takes her laboratory jar and holds it with one hand, it is seen bigger when she holds it with both of her hands.
  • Braianna is the only person that wasn't affected from Fred's enhanced attractiveness.
  • Fred is the only host that was able to resist Slimetra's control.
  • This is the second time that Roberta made an appearance without Robert.


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