Thomas is a recurring character of Lucky Fred. He is one of Fred's closest friends, among his friends, he's the quiet one and not really the one with the smarts.


His hair color is Gamboge and his eyes are Red and Orange in hue. He wears a Black-Night Rider cap, a Dodger Blue-Lemon hoody and a pair of short Jazzberry Jam pants.


Website Description

Thomas is enthusiastic, fun to be with… just not very intelligent. He’s always the last one to grasp jokes or ironic comments from his mates — if he ever does at all. Despite everything, his innocence presents him as a nice guy.



She is the girl with three pony/pig tails that Thomas has a big crush on her and he even knows her name. He always want to impress her and he really wants her to like him.


  • He has a plastic bottle collection, which he started adding to since he was a kid, back when he wanted a pet and couldn't have one, so he started naming those bottles as pets instead.
  • He has a big fan of Steve Steel, a superhero from a comic book series.
  • He is the only one of Fred's friends (excluding Braianna) that has used Friday.
  • In Episode 16, Thomas said when his mother yells it causes the windows to break.
  • In Episode 47, he appears to be very good with using paper mache.
  • He has caused short circuits to Friday at two different occassions. As in Episode 24 and Episode 47 respectively.
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