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Top Draw Animation is an animation studio based in Pasig City, Manila, Philippines and is Imira Entertainment's production partner and distributor for the 2D animated comedy Lucky Fred in Asia. Imira, with a hand in producing or distributing notable animation such as Bali, Sandra: The Fairytale Detective, Lola & Virginia, and Tangerine & Cow, now takes a step toward physical production on an animated series about a kid whose ever wish is granted by a super-cool shape-changing robot.

Contract with Imira

Top Draw Animation has been contracted to provide all of the animation for Lucky Fred, and will also be handling the series' distribution to all viewing territories in Asia (minus Japan), as well as Australia and New Zealand (but done by Mango Distribution). The studio downsized rather significantly over the past year, but has kept substantially busy in spite of the crunch in manpower.


Top Draw specializes in 2D and Flash animation production, contributing to titles such as both seasons of Studio B Prods.' Martha Speaks, Cartoon Saloon's Skunk Fu, the CBBC cartoon revamp Dennis & Gnasher, as well as Kid vs. Kat, Eliot Kid and others. According to Imira Entertainment, Lucky Fred, which has been in development for more than two and a half years, will make its debut later this year at MIPCOM 2010 (Cannes, France). Top Draw Animation will produce the animated series using Toon Boom Harmony.


Project Details Method Client Year
Lucky Fred 13 x 12 minutes[1] Toon Boom Harmony Imira Entertainment 2010
Lucky Fred 6 x 11 minutes[2] Toon Boom Harmony Imira Entertainment 2011


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