X-bot 9000 is a robot with the same functions as Friday, but she is a model much more advanced than him. Like Friday, she shares the same weaknesses however more resistant, can transform autonomously, lacking of personality and always concerned to follow the protocol of the Protectors' performance.



S1 E31 Xbot's transformation

Like Friday, the X-bot 9000 can transform into anything, whether it's a toy, a gun, an animal, a person, or even a vehicle, no matter what it is, she can. Only unlike Friday, she's does not need orders to do so.


She appeared for the first and only time in Episode 31 which got replaced with Friday since he had too many flaws (as he got send to a planet where robots get deactivated) Agent Brains was quickly tired of her, since she had no personality and always followed the protocol. When Fred and Brains went for Friday to get him back, she continued to chase and stop them (because the protocol had the rule: "Only one robot for an agent" so she believed that she has to be the one and only robot for Brains) when they arrived to the planet, she tried to get Friday deactivated but after a fight with Brains, she got thrown into the recycle machine and got destroyed and deactivated.


  • In order to get some time away from her new robot, Braianna ordered her to catch a Coneantilope and believed it would take her a long time to realize that there was no such creature, X-bot 9000 capture achievement in a laser cage showing that there was and it was not self invented.
  • Unlike Friday she does not have the emotion to love others.
  • As shown in X-bot and Friday's fight, she knew his weakness in water and she also predicted all Brains's moves (except the last flip from her).
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