Unknown Sign

The Yick Empire is an unknown galactic governing entity comprised of planets and/or star systems as a whole. It has it's own laws which opposes to that of the Galactic Union.


In Episode 20, an imperial invasion of planet Porcelania was imminent. General Pestilicus planned on kidnapping Porcelania's Princess Iria as his key target. As the General learned that the Protectors got involved by taking her to planet Earth, he knew they won't let her get captured that easily. So he sent a spy to track her and an elite soldier to capture her. He would have succeeded if it weren't for the princess' smell which she grabbed the opportunity to grip his soldier's will. She then ordered the now defected soldier to let them go and capture General Pestilicus instead. At evening, to the Super Commander's surprise the General was captured and turned over to them by one of the General's own soldiers. Thus, the invasion failed to materialize.

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