The unnamed Yick soldier is an alien from planet Yick serving General Pestilicus. He is strong and well-trained, one of the best soldiers in service.


He is a huge and evil light green alien with three eyes, with a light pink stripe in the middle of his head, his mouth is huge clear pink. He wears a white spacesuit with an air-tight helmet, black boots and a freeze ray.


His first appearance was in Episode 20, under the General's orders, he went to Earth to capture the Princess Iria to having her held hostage for the sovereignty of Porcelania. He made a surprise attack and came prepared with a special suit with an air-tight helmet to not breathe the smell of Princess Iria and quickly froze everyone in the room to take her away, but Fred tricked into believing that he got the wrong princess and the only way to check was to take off his helmet and see which of the two smells good and when he took off his helmet and easily submitted to Princess Iria.


  • He easily defeated Braianna but was easily deceived by Fred.
  • He managed to capture his own general and handed him over to the Protectors.
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